Cosplay Do’s and Dont’s with The Screen Team

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  • Seeing as the The Screen Team is known for its wealth of elaborate costumes, parody videos and cosplay antics, we convinced Chad and Angie — the dynamic duo behind the hit YouTube show — to share their behind-the-scenes dress-up secrets with What’s Trending.

    DO dress as characters that you relate to.

    DO check out awesome cosplay photos online.

    DO study your character’s mannerisms & try to bring them to life.

    DON’T listen to comments from critics.

    DON’T ignore proper hygiene.

    DON’T overdo it on props & accessories.

    DO bring a buddy with you.

    DON’T be a creeper.

    Now that you’re all set, head to your next convention with confidence and take the cosplay world by storm!

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