Can You Name That Viral Video Star with Brittani Taylor, Kevin Pereira, and Sandeep Parikh?

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  • Just how well do you know your double rainbows and viral video stars? Put your knowledge to the test and play along with our mysterious Name That Viral Video Star game!

    Brittani Louise Taylor, Kevin Pereira and Sandeep Parikh are currently at the helm of the the Syfy original reality series “Viral Video Showdown,” which pits teams of video creators against one another, challenging them to create new and innovative videos in a short amount of time for a chance to win $5,000 — and an Internet sensation!

    Aside from grilling them about how some of YouTube’s most unforgettable personalities, VVS host (and co-creator) Kevin Pereira and judges Brittani Louise Taylor and Sandeep Parikh join host Shira Lazar to chat about how the show works, the secrets to creating great viral videos and some of the best entries they’ve seen so far.

  • Watch “Viral Video Showdown” Tuesday nights at 10:20 PM on the Syfy channel!

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