“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” Superstar Hangout with Toni Trucks and The Hillywood Show

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  • Set to hit theaters this Friday, November 16, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” closes out Stephenie Meyer’s cinematic franchise, and we’re getting the inside scoop on the pop culture phenomenon from the film’s star Toni Trucks and “Twilight” parody masters Hilli and Hannah Hindi from The Hillywood Show!

    Toni makes her mark in the famous fantasy world as nomadic vampire, Mary, who is summoned to help protect Bella and Edward’s baby Renesmee. Citing an energetic and welcoming cast, the actress fills us in on the behind-the-scenes energy of the latest film, which seemed to foster a healthy mix of work and play.

    Apparently, while filming the mega battlefield scene, a large portion of the cast pranked director Bill Condon by assembling as a giant flashmob. Toni reveals that when Condon thought he was going to shoot a particular take, “All of a sudden, all of the Cullen side broke out into a giant dance and they were all shocked.” Look for that on the DVD special features!

    On the YouTube side of things, the Hindi sisters of The Hillywood Show have been ingrained in the “Twilight” universe from the start. They began making parody and spin-off videos back in 2008 when YouTube and Edward Cullen were just breaking onto the scene.

    Four years later, the ladies are renowned for their viral online creations and hosting gigs at the official “Twilight” conventions, earning them a ticket to this week’s “Breaking Dawn 2” premiere. While this fifth film marks a bittersweet end to the beloved saga, the Hilly and Hannah still have one more parody to release!

    “We’re just happy that it’s lasted so long and the fans are so dedicated,” Hilly says. “We know it’ll keep lasting throughout the years.”

    That’s a community through which all of today’s guests can truly connect – the dedicated fanbase. Toni says, “The Twilight fans are the most loving, gushy, awesome fanbase anybody could ask for.”

    And now that the series is reaching its on-screen conclusion, it looks like the fans may hold the future of “Twilight” in their hands, spinning their own further imaginative stories online. “This is such a creative group,” Toni adds. “I honestly think we’re just passing the torch for them to create new things.”

    We want to know why you love “Twilight”! Tell us your thoughts in the comments section of this video and our three favorite comments will win the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” soundtrack, signed by Toni Trucks!

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