The Ultimate Anthem For Online Gamers

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  • YouTube channel stagefivetv has composed the ultimate anthem for gamers who can feel under-appreciated by those who don’t quite understand their fierce warrior skills.

    “Gaming Ain’t No Game” – a.k.a. the story of BigBalls713 – really stresses the fact that it’s cutthroat out there in the gaming world, where moral codes have to be upheld and you really have to know just who you can trust with your life.

    “This is a cautionary tale: a story of struggling to survive in a world within a world. One where a wrong move can mean total universal destruction and another where someone has to do the dishes.”

    So, next time you question or doubt the strength of a legendary gamer, just remember that these players are putting themselves on the front lines for hours at a time, testing their own vigilance in the epic fight between good and evil.

    Check out the song on iTunes!

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