Rapper The Game Goes Behind the Lyrics and the Moment Hip-Hop Changed Forever

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  • Rappe The Game stopped by What’s Trending this week for an interview and, of course, a haircut. So, with the help of our friends at Rap Genius, we took a few moments to ask him about the stories and meanings behind some of his most popular, groundbreaking songs and compelling lyrics.

    First off, we ask him if he’d ever consider a career in politics, based on his song, “Born in the Trap.” He’s skeptical about it, taking into account his past and his disenchantment with the bipartisan system. “The Republican Party, Democratic party – they’re like big gangs,” he says. But would he consider a shot at the presidential seat? He doesn’t feel too uncomfortable with the idea: “If they let me run, I’m gonna win.”

    Moving onto the song, “Good Girls Go Bad,” Game delves into his close ties with the late Biggie and his daughter T’yanna. He was happy to have seen her recently at Penn State while he was on the MMG tour with Rick Ross, Mac Miller and Wale. “It’s good to see her in college and doing her thing,” he says.

    He also tells us about the anecdotes behind “California Dream,” named after his daughter Cali and inspired by her godfathers Swizz and Lil Wayne.

    But he points us to a new song, “Can’t Get Right,” to identify the moment that birthed a new age of hip-hop – when Jay-Z and Nas stopped feuding and opened the doors for fresh talent. “That’s when hip-hop started to change and just broaden a little bit more and it gave a lot of new artists opportunities,” Game says. “That was that moment I felt where hip hop changed for the better and now we’re living in it.”

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