Known for his Wrecking Ball Chat Roulette parody, the YouTube funnyman talked to us at Playlist Live.
  • Steve Kardynal, the genius behind the Peacock (Chatroulette version) talks about his newest hit, the Wrecking Ball Parody on Chatroulette. He also answers fan questions and tells the tale of his love of bikinis.

    He also talks about coming out as a hairy baby, blowing up this year by being naked online, and his friendship with Miley Cyrus.

    “It’s not Facebook official yet, but it’s getting there,” he joked.

    It took him a few months to get the footage he needed for his Wrecking Ball parody, because reactions weren’t always usable. “It really paid off,” he said. “It comes from wanting to have fun and wanting to get naked on the Internet.”