A ‘Blackface Hype House’ TikTok Account Created

Black Creators outraged over 'Blackface Hype House' Account.
By Najla Alexander
A ‘Blackface Hype House’ TikTok Account Has Been Deactivated
Photo: @buttahlove and @eb_ready | TikTok

You read the title correct ‘Blackface Hype House’ TikTok account. Yet another aspect of TikTok you do not want gracing your for you page. Ever.


@Black face hypehouse 🥶🥶 You bout to lose your job 🤣#fyp #dbhdb #ROMWEnextgen #greenscreenvideo #dobetterhoneydobetter

♬ original sound – Ebony Rose

Blackface is Never Okay

A group of teenagers decided to make a TikTok account where they would dress up as Blackface and make racist content. Where white TikTokers would paint their faces black and listen to music with Black artists, essentially making fun of the Black community and the culture.

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So we’re doing this @blackfacehypehouse #hypeboomers

♬ original sound – $ButtahLove2

This enrages the Black community and rightfully so. Which, lead them to report this account so it can be taken down. The account @blackfacehypehouse has since been taken down due to the high amount of reports by the Black TikTok community. Gaining the attention from many Black creators dueting the video dismayed at the fact that this is still happening in 2021. Wondering how TikTok let this go on for so long and not get banned right away.


Reply to @jaymedi3 @tiktok how this still up? Can y’all report this account? @blackfacehypehouse #blackface #racism #tiktokisracist #racismneverleft #foryou #reportthisaccount

♬ Start a Riot – JayThePlaya

Blackface is something that has been used to disrespect the Black community and their culture, by mocking what a Black person looks or even sounds act. The European standard of beauty has been pushed on the Black community so much to the point where it made them think that their beauty is not beautiful by doing things like Blackface. Then turn around and appropriate Black culture turning it into their own thing when they themselves mocked it. How are we as a society ever going to progress when things like this are still happening in 2021, real change needs to start happening.