A ‘Stranger Things’ Super Fan Claims She Was Scammed By A Dacre Montgomery Catfish

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A woman named McKala who was a “Stranger Things” super fan left her husband after she was tricked into thinking that actor Dacre Montgomery was forging a new relationship with her. In a video interview with Catfished, she admits that she found the interactions to be far-fetched, but that he would “say things” that made her believe she was really speaking to him.

Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock
Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock (Photo by John Salangsang/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)


Montgomery starred as 80s-bad-boy turned Upside Down victim Billy Hargrove on the hit Netflix show. McKala, an artist who also works in film editing, has remained a massive fan of the show, and Montgomery’s character, throughout its four season run. McKala alleged that her ex-husband was not supportive of her artistic endeavors, and in an effort to stay connected with her film and television buff peers, joined several online forums dedicated to her favorite shows.

The Catfishing

An account using a blank profile photo first reached out to the group claiming to be one of the “Stranger Things” cast members. To McKala, this was not out of the realm of possibility, as several notable actors have snuck into online forums to see fan theories and reactions to their work (notably, Cole Sprouse). Eventually, the account used a profile photo of Montgomery and reached out to McKala personally.

The account first discussed the show with McKala, then delving into his personal life. The catfish claimed that Montgomery’s girlfriend was “controlling” and eventually asked McKala to be his girlfriend. McKala, who had already been having relationship troubles with her husband, separated from him, and he moved out of the family’s home two months later.

The catfish then went on to ask McKala for money in order to get a fictitious Montgomery out of his situation. He alleged that his girlfriend controlled their shared bank accounts and that he could not get access to his funds without setting off alarm bells, a situation that McKala knew all too well.

The Catfished video delves into the intricacies of the scam.


Public Reaction

Many social media users felt that the situation was certainly among the stranger things they had seen. Fans of the show and onlookers alike were shocked that scams like these still exist in an increasingly digital world in which verified accounts tend to weed out obvious scams.

Others were concerned for the emotional well being of McKala’s children, given that she left her husband for the scammer impersonating Montgomery.

Some acknowledge that McKala’s ex-husband could have taken charge of the finances because she is vulnerable to scammers.


Naturally, the reaction memes poured in.

Montgomery is yet to respond to the scammer impersonating him and his real-life relationship.

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