Addison Rae Deletes Photo of “Holy Trinity” Bikini Amid Backlash

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TikToker Addison Rae recently faced backlash after posting a photo of herself in a bikini some believed to be offensive to Christians. The bikini says “Father” and “Son” on each side of the bikini and “Holy Spirit” on the bottoms, representing the Holy Trinity. After posting the photo, some believed it to be offensive, especially Christian influencers. One creator named Brittany Dawn Davis made a video online and said she was “sick to my stomach” and felt like it was “always Christians” who were attacked or ridiculed.

“To Addison Rae, if you see this, I’m not here to cancel you. As a Christian, I am here to pray for you, to intercede for you, to believe that the Lord is pursuing your heart just like he pursued mine three years ago,” Davis continued.

Although Rae did not make a comment on any app regarding the swimsuit and her stance, she did take the photo down after criticism. Some people, however, did not find the swimsuit harmful and did not understand the backlash toward Rae.  “It’s just a bikini it’s such a first-world problem, don’t y’all have other stuff to worry about,” one person commented.


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On the other hand, some did not find this offensive and instead trolled others online.


The conversation continued to TikTok as well, where one creator stated that Addison Rae “hates Christians” after making of their religion. “Out of ALL the designs they thought this one would sell the most?” one person commented. But, another creator who is Christian, stated she was not offended, because it was “nothing new” even if it was “disrespectful,” as she describes it.


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While many believed it to be blasphemous, others stated that the hate was being directed towards Rae when it should be toward the brand that designed the swimsuit, as she had nothing to do with the design. “Maybe hate on the brand that made the swimsuit,” one person said. Overall, the swimsuit seemed to be very divisive, with some people believing she could not get away with mocking another religion and others believing it was not as big of a deal as it was being made out to be.

While this post is coming under fire, others online are finding out about other Christian or “God-themed” products on the site from bags, hats, and T-shirts that even mention the phrase “God’s favorite.”

Addison has yet to respond to this post or any other tabloid requests.

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