Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network Welcomes Creator Hallie Batchelder in Strategic Digital Content Collaboration

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The Unwell Network, founded by podcast star Alex Cooper of Call Her Daddy fame, has unveiled its newest collaboration with rising creator Hallie Batchelder, marking a strategic move to expand its digital content portfolio.

Batchelder, recognized for her viral presence on TikTok and Instagram, where her videos routinely garner millions of views, joins Cooper and the Unwell team to develop a series of undisclosed projects. The network, renowned for its lineup of popular podcasts like Call Her Daddy, Madeline Argy’s Pretty Lonesome, and Alix Earle’s Hot Mess, aims to leverage Batchelder’s burgeoning online influence into compelling new ventures.

Madeline Argy and Alix Earle were among the initial creators to partner with Cooper when she launched the Unwell Network last year. Their podcasts swiftly climbed Spotify’s charts, aligning with Cooper’s established presence in the podcasting sphere.

Batchelder teased her upcoming collaboration with Unwell in May, showcasing the network’s logo in an Instagram post, setting the stage for her official announcement.

“The addition of Hallie Batchelder to the Unwell family is incredibly exciting,” Cooper expressed in a statement. “Her content resonates deeply with audiences due to its raw authenticity and straightforward approach. Hallie embodies the core values of the Unwell brand, and I’m thrilled to see what creative sparks she ignites with us.”

As part of Trending, the Gen Z media enterprise co-founded by Cooper and Matt Kaplan of ACE Entertainment, the Unwell Network continues to evolve its footprint in digital content creation. Cooper’s keen eye for emerging talent and Batchelder’s appeal among younger demographics are expected to synergize effectively, driving the network’s growth in a competitive media landscape.

Batchelder’s upcoming role extends beyond digital platforms; she is slated to contribute to NBC’s coverage of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. This opportunity not only elevates her profile but also augments the exposure for her fellow creators under the Unwell umbrella, including Batchelder herself.


Details regarding Batchelder’s specific projects with Unwell remain under wraps, but with Cooper’s track record of podcasting success and Batchelder’s online traction, industry observers anticipate a compelling blend of entertainment and authenticity to emerge from this partnership.

The Unwell Network, a subsidiary of Trending, aims to capitalize on Batchelder’s appeal and digital acumen, reinforcing its commitment to innovative storytelling in the digital age.

For more updates on Batchelder’s ventures with Unwell, followers can stay tuned to the network’s platforms and her burgeoning social media channels on TikTok and Instagram.

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