Alicia Creti Debuts EP Self/Less and Discusses The Importance of Label Support for Artists

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Alicia Creti just dropped her debut EP and opened up about her musical journey while becoming a viral sensation.

Speaking with What’s Trending, the singer/songwriter who started as an independent artist also discussed the importance of being backed by a label that stands by their artists.

Staring out in music, Creti mentioned “On my 13th hour studying at Concordia University library, my friend convinced me to post on TikTok. I listened, went viral several days later and it flipped my whole word around.”

She also went on to add, “I never thought that a career in music was possible for me and sometimes it really just takes that one push to convince you to do what’s right for you and follow your heart.”

As of late, Creti was featured at Tea at Shiloh in Los Angeles. Sony’s For The Music’s listening parties aim to bring an influential group of guests together to hear new music from an emerging artist for the very first time and experience the superior sound quality of Sony headphones & speakers.”

Alicia Creti singing at Tea at Shiloh in Los Angeles, CA at For The Music listening party from Sony.” Photo: Sony

Discussing the support of her team and those around her, Creti mentions “I love that Sony supports artists true visions and uplift them to be their most authentic self. I had the opportunity to film a mini documentary part of Sony series momentum. The series is all about my life growing up and essentially the story behind my debut EP, Self/Less. The whole team flew to Montreal, filmed in my house and spent time with my family. We visited the center of dreams and hopes, a foundation that my brother is a part of and one that I also worked for when I lived back home. It really meant a lot to me that everyone was on board to get to know me at my core.”


The artist, with over 170,000 monthly listeners, says she “didn’t realize that it was going to be the start of my journey of rediscovery and self-acceptance” embarking on her EP release.

The “strange” singer admitted, “I am so grateful to have a team that believes and elevates my vision and has never tried to change me. Everyone that I work with Atlantic is family and it truly takes a village – all this to say you don’t need anyone but yourself to start and execute what’s already there and once you have that down a label can only elevate and water the seed that you already planted and the soil that you already cultivated.”

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