Amazing! This Lake In Senegal Is Naturally Pink!

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Imagine you’re about to take a dip into a body of water, a lake perhaps when you declare, “This Lake is not properly fashionable enough!” Well then, buddy, enter Lake Retba. Lake Retba (Lac Rose)is in Senegal, and the lake is like any other lake in the nearby area, except for one little detail… The lake is a naturally bright pink!

Gasp! Horror! But also… amazing!

The lake gets its color from a micro-algae called Dunaliella salina, which grows well in Lake Retba because of its high salt content. Workers mine the lake for salt, and use shea butter to protect their skin from damage. Still, I feel like the main story is that this is an absolutely stylish lake. When’s the last time a body of water felt more like a fashion statement than a naturally occurring body? Good work Senegal. Let no one tell you that you’re lakes are less fashionable than others’.

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