Amazon Discontinues Astro for Business, Focusing on Home Robotics

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Amazon has made the decision to discontinue its Astro for Business device, a security robot tailored for small- and medium-sized businesses, only seven months after its initial launch.

In an email distributed to both customers and employees on Wednesday, which was obtained by TechCrunch, Amazon cited its intention to concentrate on advancing its home-oriented Astro model as the primary reason for shelving Astro for Business. Launched in 2021, the home version of Astro offers a range of functionalities including home security, pet detection, message delivery, and a cargo bin capable of carrying up to 4.4 pounds.

“We are fully committed to our vision of bringing world-class consumer robotics solutions to the home,” stated an Amazon spokesperson in a prepared statement. “To expedite our progress and ongoing research to enhance Astro as the premier in-home robot, we have decided to wind down support for Astro for Business. We are enthusiastic about the in-home experiences we are developing for Astro and look forward to sharing more in the future.”

Starting September 25, Astro for Business robots will cease to operate. Amazon has encouraged customers to participate in its recycling program, which will cover the shipping costs associated with disposing of these security robots.

While Amazon did not disclose the exact number of affected business customers, it is evident that the device did not garner sufficient traction for Amazon to justify continued investment.

Priced at $2,350, Astro for Business robots were accompanied by three subscription plans. The “Astro Secure” subscription, priced at $60 per month, included features such as route programming. Additionally, Amazon offered two optional subscriptions: one at $20 per month for integrating with Ring alarms and motion detectors, and another at $99 per month for human agent support and monitoring.

Effective immediately, Amazon has ceased charging businesses the “Astro Secure” subscription fee. The company has also announced a $300 credit to affected customers, intended to assist in finding a replacement solution for their workplaces. Furthermore, customers will receive refunds for any unused, prepaid Astro Secure fees.


The decision underscores Amazon’s strategic shift toward refining its consumer-focused robotics initiatives, aiming to deliver enhanced home automation experiences through Astro while streamlining its portfolio of business-oriented products.

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