Amazon Worker Criticized for Her Outfit by Comments in This Viral TikTok Video

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Image: @lxzie909 | TikTok

In a viral video circulating TikTok, a user named Lexi posted a video of her and a fellow worker at Amazon, joking that nobody can hurt their feelings after working in an Amazon warehouse. Recently, Amazon has been under fire as many people report grueling work conditions and long hours. Though the video was posted as a harmless joke, and to possibly further the conversation of work conditions at the warehouse, many were more concerned with the outfit of choice by Lexi and her coworker.


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In the caption, Lexi expresses she works the “graveyard” shift, meaning she works overnight. As such, her and her friend are dressed comfortably and not professionally, most likely because they do not interact with customers and have to work hard on their feet all night. Still, many commented things like “your outfit shows what kind of worker you are” and “that’s why that’s the best job she will ever get because obviously she doesn’t know what professionalism is.” 

Image: @lxzie909 | TikTok


Though Lexi did not seem to be bothered by the comments, it was interesting that many seemed to ignore the point of the video and instead wanted to focus on a “dress code” or professionalism. Especially with now in light of behind the scenes of what happens in Amazon warehouses, it is strange that viewers wanted to nit pick clothing and appropiate work attire. In a comment, Lexi notes that her clothes are comfy, which is normally needed when working a job at a warehouse.

Image: @lxzie909 | TikTok


Though there was mostly criticism, many comments reassured Lexi that her clothes are appropiate, espewcially if her employer has no issue with it. In addition, many commented that they would also wear comfortable clothes at their workplace if it would be allowed, but jobs are often strict with dress code.


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