Fans URGE FaZe Banks to “GO FOR IT” with Alissa Violet and Riley Reid

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Alissa Violet Is Engaged To Her Fiance FaZe Banks and porn star Riley Reid wants in on the action.
Alissa Violet got the YouTube scene as a member of Team 10 and the on again off again girlfriend of Jake Paul.
Their relationship fell apart when Jake accused Alissa of cheating on him with his brother, Logan. Alissa claimed her and Jakes relationship was never real and that opened a can of worms that eventually led to an entire Shane Dawson series about it.
But Alissa told a different side of the story.
Regardless, both went on to date different people.
Jake began dating Erika Costell and Alissa started dating YouTube creator Faze Banks.
Banks is a member of the clouthouse which includes iceGum, FaZe Nikan, ClevelandsVeryOwn, and Sommer Ray. And only a few months in sept 2017 after Alyssa Began dating Banks she tweeted, “I cant believe I’m engaged”. Fans were curious as to whether this was real or a joke.  In Feb 2019 Alyssa tweeted “ugh why aren’t I married yet?”
So the engagement is still clouded with mystery, but it looks like Alissa is open to exploring.


What do you think about all of this?

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