Apple Reveals IOS16 at WWDC 2022 and Twitter is Excited

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This week kicks off Apple’s WWDC, which in case you are unaware stands for Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple annually and known for Apple’s debut of new products and software updates. So far, Apple announces IOS 16, along with two new computers, a new Apple M2 chip, and a new payment service. Every year, many Apple customers enjoy seeing what WWDC will announce, so it was no surprise to see the announcements trending on Twitter. And, so far, Twitter is quite impressed with the CEO Tim Cook’s announcements.

The latest software for iPhones, IOS 16, brings the biggest update to the lock screen thus far, according to Craig Federighi, the Apple SVP of software engineering. The lock screen will be more customizable and will allow the lock screen to shuffle, instead of just choosing one. And although that is exciting, nothing seemed to top the fact that Apple will now be adding an unsend and edit button to Imessage.

Not only was the iMessage feature exciting, but the new update to Car Play will also now allow you to change things like the radio or air conditioning. Some wonder if this means that Apple will someday branch into manufacturing cars as well.

IOS 16 also has a new feature called “Safety Check” that allows someone to reset iCloud immediately if there was an emergency, along with privacy permissions. These features are to hopefully help victims of domestic abuse sign out of all devices. But, one feature did have some viewers concerned. In a new buy now, pay later service, called Apple Pay Later, Apple users will be able to purchase something and pay for it over four payments in six weeks, and it works wherever Apple Pay is accepted. But, on Twitter, some are concerned. “Apple playing a dangerous game, this is about to get ugly,” one person wrote, as many are concerned that this encourages people to spend more than what they make.


Still, some think this might be a better solution to credit cards, although some worry this could encourage debt. Overall, the IOS 16 updates were successful and were quite exciting to many, along with the release of several new products.

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