Ariana Grande Speaks On Leaked Music Including TikTok Viral ‘Fantasize’, Calling Leak ‘Very Disheartening’

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Pop star Ariana Grande has spoken out on her numerous leaked songs from this year. Among the leaks is the TikTok viral “Fantasize.”

Grande claimed that she wrote the track for a comedy sketch about a girl group, and ultimately never released it. The track is oozing y2k early Britney Spears era pop, and fans cannot get enough. Despite the positive reactions, the singer has urged fans to stop spreading it.

In a recent comment left on a TikTok video, the singer wrote “this is so disheartening. i was going to come back to this hook to use eventually. i don’t know how people are still doing this but please stop.”

Fans of the singer have created numerous TikTok trends to the tune of “Fantasize”, from full dance routines to sing-alongs to outfit checks and every idea in between.


gonna do this again 100% dc: @S @M #fyp #dancing #arianagrande #fantasize

♬ original sound – ????


Replying to @Chlo x got taken down but here it is (TIKTOK WE ARE ADULTS) #fantasize #arianagrande

♬ Cody Jon and Abi Dance – yeah



can i marry this sunscreen

♬ original sound – ????

Despite the success of the leak, Grande appears to feel that she has lost her autonomy as an artist amid the ongoing music leaks.

Social Media Reactions

Fans are urging Grande to hire a cyber security team to prevent further leaks from occurring, and to attempt to curtail the current one.

Elsewhere, some resurface the alleged cheating scandal between Grande and her “Wicked” costar actor Ethan Slater. Slater’s soon-to-be ex-wife Lily Jay claimed that Grande was “not a girl’s girl” and that the pair had begun a romantic relationship while filming together in the U.K. Grande is currently divorcing her husband, luxury real estate broker Dalton Gomez. The scandal turned the public eye back on several of Grande’s previous high profile relationships, in which cheating allegations continue to also surface. Some of Grande’s harshest critics joke that the leaks are the universe’s karma for “stealing people’s husbands.”


Others theorize that the sole leaker of the music could be a member of Grande’s creative team.

What The Leaks Mean For Music

Leaked music and AI-generated music that features digitized versions of real artists’ voices begs the question of who owns the content, and who receives the royalties checks. Such is the case with Grande’s leaks, and the numerous AI-generated tracks crafted by TikTok creator Ghostwriter. A recent generated Drake and the Weeknd track from the anonymous producer was submitted for Grammy consideration at the approval of the Recording Academy.


Hes done it again!! New ai travis scott x 21 savage song. #ai #aisong #ghostwriter977 #travisscott #utopia #21savage #fyp

♬ original sound – supremestreams

Many argue that the AI replacing real singers phenomenon is reminiscent of the very reasons behind the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike. Hollywood actors and writers are at risk of being replaced by AI generated versions of them by several major studios.

Grande is yet to confirm a plan of action regarding the leaks at this time. It is unclear when the singer plans to release new music, as her last album dropped in 2021.

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