Ariana Grande Taps Penn Badgley for ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video — Special Appearances by Brandy and Monica

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Penn Badgley and Ariana Grande. ARIANA GRANDE/YOUTUBE
Ariana Grande / YouTube

The long-awaited music video for Ariana Grande’s track, “The Boy Is Mine,” has finally debuted with a star-studded cast.

In a strategic move, Grande, 30, enlisted the talents of actor Penn Badgley, 37, to co-star alongside her in this highly anticipated release, unveiled on Friday, June 7.

Set against the backdrop of a city reminiscent of New York, the video opens with a scene depicting a sanitation worker expressing frustration over the neglectful attitude of fictional Mayor Max Starling towards sanitation issues, notably the rampant rat infestation plaguing the area.

Grande, depicted in her character’s home, concocts a mystical potion while a news broadcast featuring Brandy and Monica, the original singers of “The Boy Is Mine,” playing in the background. Mayor Starling, portrayed by Badgley, announces his unconventional plan to release stray cats to address the rodent problem, a decision that intrigues Grande’s character, who secretly harbors romantic intentions towards the mayor.


Despite encountering a setback when her cat accidentally breaks a potion bottle, Grande manages to salvage some of its contents. Dressed in a masked Catwoman-esque costume, she embarks on a mission to enact her plan, culminating in a captivating encounter with Mayor Starling in his own home.


♬ the boy is mine – Ariana Grande


Directed by Christian Breslaur, known for his work on previous music videos, including “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)” and “Yes, And?,” the video seamlessly integrates elements of fantasy and intrigue to captivate viewers’ attention.

Grande, who teased the video’s release through various social media platforms, including TikTok, expressed her excitement over collaborating with Badgley and reimagining Brandy and Monica’s iconic hit.

Penn Badgley

“This album is most special to me for many reasons and just holds so much. sharing it has re-opened a lot of little and big feelings alike and it has been an emotional week in many ways !… but your overwhelmingly loving response to it all has made me feel such joyful, human connection and comfort,” she wrote online.

Her caption continued, “Just wanted to say i love and appreciate you all more than one can say and thank you again. it is, as it always has been, my greatest honor to grow with you… 。˚❀ ·ꕤ let us promise to keep going ! .゚ꕤ”

“The Boy Is Mine” serves as the latest single from Grande’s seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine.

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