Artists and Filmmakers Recreate Shrek Shot By Shot

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3GI is a Milwaukee based comedy and art group, whose greatest claim to game might be taking the whole Shrek meme thing to the greatest possible conclusion with its “Shrekfest” festival. A celebration of all things Shrek, coated with a wonderful coat of the ironic. Now 3GI is at it again with the crazed Shrek based madness, with its new project — Shrek Retold! A remake of the original movie where a weird as hell outsider artists recreate and reanimate Shrek scene in order to make a loopy crazed semi cohesive whole. Check out the trailer for the piece and tell us what you think of this veritable, palpable super madness.

The trailer comes with the subheading: “We got 200 people to make Shrek. This is the trailer.” And oh what a fun trailer it is. The shots include Shrek and Donkey being voiced by children, beautiful flowing animation that unfortunately for some reason has Pepe in it, 8 bit graphics, amateurish as hell shots and art styles and more. The list of artists include Jamie Loftus, DJ Dougpound, Unkle Joe, Michael Cusack, Christine W. Chandler, KHONJIH, Sadworld, Cherdleys, Anthony Fantano, Jacy Catlin, Barny, Silva Gunner, Ratboy Genius, Chris Bores, Snipars, Mowtendoo, Sick Animation, HotDad, Fauxny and, according to the trailer, many many more.

Now that Dreamworks have announced their own, probably much, much worse, Shrek reboot, the time has some to choose your alliance! Do you side with the weirdos of the world? The Milwaukee based Shrek collective made up of true mutants and glorious souls alike, or do you side with the normies!? The Minions producers who want to sell you a Puss in Boots hoodie that takes the money from your pocket and forces you to enjoy the forces of Shrek, unironically. Hmm, decisions.

What do you think of the wonderful Shrek based mash up fan film? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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