Austin Butler Shocks The Internet With Bald “Dune” Posters

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Majid Alammari/Reddit

Cinema Con began today, with appearances from the cast of the upcoming “Barbie” film from Greta Gerwig and “Dune: Part Two” Stars Timotheé Chalamet and Zendaya were in attendance, but convention goers couldn’t stop talking about a different cast member from the much anticipated Sci-Fi film–Austin Butler.

Discussing Film managing editor and co-owner Andrew Salazar was among a small group of members of the press who previewed a private screening of “Dune: Part Two.” Salazar reported that “Austin Butler in DUNE: PART II…. completely bald and pale. Looks extremely menacing and almost monstrous.” Director Denis Villeneuve described the  character, Feyd-Rautha, as “a psychotic Mick Jagger meets Olympic sword-master.”

Several members of the press confirmed Butler is bald, but some “Dune” fans need a visual aid. A Reddit user named Majid Alammari created a poster for Butler’s character a year ago. With today’s Cinema Con revelations, fans are shocked at the accuracy.

A poster of Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha I’ve made a few months ago with the Villeneuve aesthetic.
by u/MajidAlammari in dune

The poster rapidly made the rounds on Twitter, becoming the subject of various memes across the platform. Given that the Oscar nominee’s last major film role was that of Elvis Presley in the “Elvis” biopic, fans of the actor were shocked that he would play such a different role. The bald pop culture comparisons continued rolling in.

The Memes

Butler ditching his iconic “Elvis” locks sent shockwaves across social media.


Some were relieved to learn that the now viral image was fan-made and not an official film poster. Meanwhile, others reminded viewers that the film’s creator did confirm the baldness. Despite the poster’s lack of authenticity, a bald Butler remains at the forefront of the “Dune” sequel.

Butler previously spoke on the physically demanding role, saying that his trainer would “work him until he basically threw up every time,” as reported in The Independent. “Dune: Part Two” comes to theaters on November 3.

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