Austin McBroom is Being Sued By the City of Beverly Hills

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Image: @Austinmbcroom | Twitter

Recently, the city of Beverly Hills filed a complaint that Austin McBroom held a non-approved gathering of ACE family fans for a “Youtube Takeover Parade.” Apparently, the city is seeking a payment of 200,000 thousand dollars from Mcbroom and social media marketing executive Sheeraz Hasan.

According to Insider, the city filed a complaint on Tuesday for holding an unapproved event that McBroom and Hasan organized and promoted, knowing it was unsanctioned. The event occurred on May 29th, 2021 where McBroom and his wife Catherine led a parade full of fans down Rodeo Drive. According to The Los Angeles Times, the meetup caused Rodeo Drive to shut down from 4:50 PM to 6:19 PM.

Many, including the city of Beverly Hills, believes that this event was in order to receive more publicity and attention for McBroom’s then-upcoming boxing event, which occurred in June 2021. The advertising referred to “YouTubers VS TikTokers” and had many references to the other boxer, who was Bryce Hall. However, Hasan nor McBroom took reasonable precautions and did not receive accurate permits in order to be able to hold the parade. Additionally, the city was not even aware of the parade itself until they discovered it on social media.

Though no arrests were made, the city also makes it clear in their formal complaint that McBroom had been instructed by Hasan to avoid the police, and even the flyer notes people to “be ready to take over the streets.”According to Insider: “Beverly Hills Police Department planned for more than 35 officers, plus 7 Santa Monica police officers, 13 armed guards, one airship, and several administrative and contingency personnel to assist in the event of mass arrests.” Hasan even posted evidence of the police presence, saying “No other influencer or celebrity has ever shut down Beverly Hills!”


According to the complaint filed from Beverly Hills cited alleged public nuisance, negligence, and violations of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code. Interestingly, this is not the first legal incident that the McBrooms have faced. In fact, the boxing match that the parade was promoting landed McBroom in legal trouble as well, as he is being sued for 100 million dollars due to damages by the media company.

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