Nick Cannon Teases New TV Shows With YouTubers and Bling Tech At Samsung CES 2014

  • Nick Cannon joins Shira Lazar, Andre Meadows and Ethan Newberry in the Samsung Smart Lounge at CES 2014. Cannon talks about new additions to his Ncredible headphones, upcoming TV shows, a possible new product (wink, wink) and much more.

    For his fifth year at CES with Monster Products, Cannon is proud to be rolling out his new NTune, Npulse, NErgy, and a higher-end professional headphone for DJs.

    “We’re helping Monster become more of a platform, and not just a consumer electronics company. We’re producing television shows now, more content for the web as well. So, it’s really exciting.”

    One of those TV shows is more geared towards entrepreneurs and innovators. “We want to give them an opportunity in the tech world – very similar to a ‘Shark Tank’ environment.” He adds, “And then we have a show that’s geared towards teens, and empowering them.”

    As for his own company Ncredible, he says, “Our focal point is film, television, music, and bringing Monster into that, they introduced me to the world of consumer electronics, and now I get to pay them back by bringing them into the world of content creation.”

    And he loves being hands-on in the creative process. “I never wanted to be that guy who just threw his name or his brand on something, and said, ‘Hey, buy this because I’m a celebrity.’ I really wanted to learn the craft and get involved from the ground up.”

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