US Luger Has A Unique Way Of Warming Up

  • The 2012 London Summer Olympics had the women’s swim team performing a dance routine to “Call Me Maybe” on the plane. But I think we just found the new Olympics video to top that one. Here we see a solo performance of US Luger, Kate Hansen, dancing her heart out. She typically dances to Beyonce, but since we can’t hear in her headphones, the song “Pony” by Ginuwine was chosen for our entertainment.

  • It appears that luge isn’t her only talent.

    Now, her dancing isn’t merely just to entertain the crowd, but it’s actually a part of her warm-up routine. She recently broke her foot, and has broken her back in the past, but even these injuries have not stopped her from competing in the sport.

    Kate told NBC News that dancing is “what I’ve been doing; that’s been my routine, and it’s been working so I think I’ll keep it.”

    Well, if luge doesn’t work out in the end, there’s always “Dancing with the Stars.”