Little Kid Responds to Being Blocked by Dwight Howard

  • Is this the beginning of a new “Like Mike” movie? We can call it “Like Dwight.”

    Tuesday night, Dwight Howard continued to perform well, only to an unpleasant Staples Center, as the Houston Rockets beat the Sacramento Kings. While he was certainly not the favorite player that game, the most boos he received were before the game, during a one-on-one against a little kid. Howard eventually blocked the child from attempting to score. However, the child replied in a hilarious move.

    How many offers has this kid gotten so far? If we remember anything from “Like Mike,” it’s that anyone can go pro from beating a top-level NBA player… or if you have a record label or shoe line.

    I have Jordan 6 Rings shoes and can’t even touch the net. Anyway, we thank “sonicpacker” for posting this to YouTube because it’s not every day where we see Dwight Howard get owned.