Psycho Superfan Tries To Kiss Shira Lazar In Crazy Prank From BlackBoxTV and PvP

  • At VidCon 2013, Tony V. combined the horror of BlackBoxTV with the pranking genius of Jesse and Jeana’s PrankVsPrank to fool some of YouTube’s most famous personalities.

    In what Tubefilter calls the YouTube version of “Punk’d”, the prank masters set up fake interviews with eight different web stars to see how well they’d keep their cool in the presence of a psycho superfan, a.k.a. the intrepid Julia Gallagher, who even tried to smooch our own host Shira Lazar!

    Watch Shira try to evade this ridiculously awkward situation, and check out how Mazzi Maz and Vitaly fared under pressure. Stay tuned to BlackBoxTV and PvP, as five more pranks are still yet to be released!