Bill Nye On The Sexy Science of “Dancing With The Stars” And His Rockin’ 80s Meme

  • Now that Bill Nye The Science Guy is a big shot “Dancing With The Stars” contestant, we put his moves to the test with host Shira Lazar. But we gave him some music that he should be pretty familiar with: his own song!

    “I go dancing quite a bit. Yeah, in real life,” Bill says says. “But it’s social dancing.” The caliber of technique he’s learning on “Dancing With The Stars” is above and beyond anything he’s tried before. “And my posture is awful and I’m extraordinarily pigeon-toed. So, it’s really challenging.”

    Bill also isn’t shy about praising his professional dance partner,¬†Tyne Stecklein. “She’s so patient. She’s just an excellent coach.” He says of the pros in general, “They’re just professional athletes at the top of their game.” He adds of their skill, “I bet there’s fewer than 1,000 people in the world that can do this.”

    We also have to ask, how does he pull off that bow tie so well? “It became a thing in high school,” he reveals, sharing a story about starting the trend with his buddies when they had to dress to be waiters.

    Back to the dancing, Bill’s only done one show so far, but he’s not going to let his low score get him down. “It’s actually worked out pretty well because now we’re the underdogs. People like you are supporting us,” he says to his Internet fanbase. Let’s get #HotKnowledge trending again!