Star Trek Fan Pulls Off Elaborate Proposal At Comic Convention (VIDEO)

  • You’ve seen a couple of over-the-top marriage proposal videos that have made their ways across the Internet this year – including the “Marry You” lip-dub — but now there’s an epic proposal story for sci-fi geeks!

    After avid Star Trek fans, Mitch and Cora, met on, Mitch said that he knew right away that Cora was the one. So, he needed to plan a one-of-a-kind proposal that the pop culture-loving couple could remember forever.

    Choosing Florida Supercon in Miami as the perfect venue, Mitch executed a strategy that involved a confusing power outage, stray roses, familiar terms of endearment, and a cast and crew of iconic Star Trek characters.

    With the help of, Mitch was able to pull off the proposal and compile the above video, “A Marriage Proposal of Heroic Proportions, complete with comic book bubble narrations.

    Check out how it all went down — and, of course, what her answer was!