One Post On Twitter Causes Backlash Against All Libertarians

Libertarians faced a massive amount of backlash due to a controversial post comparing the idea of Corona passports to techniques used by the Nazis.
By Caleb Hurley

Libertarians were put in the spotlight today due to a Twitter post from the official Libertarian Party of Kentucky regarding the idea of vaccine passports, for those who have been . The post compared the vaccine passports to the yellow stars worn by Jewish people during the Holocaust.

This created widespread backlash not only towards the account behind the post but also to all Libertarians, regardless of whether they agreed with the statement or not. There were legions of posts insulting supporters of the party in various fashions. Some of the criticisms involved decisions past Libertarians had made, regarding things like how HIV should be treated within in the school system. Others drew comparisons between Republicans and the Libertarians, claiming there wasn’t as much if a difference between the two as Libertarians want people to think. Some even have claimed that one of the core ideas of the Libertarian party, restricting how the government can interact with others daily lives, is purely conditional and is only something they use when it benefits them.

However, many Libertarians on Twitter argued with those perpetuating the backlash, arguing that the criticizers were taking their views out of context and that what the Libertarians actually represented was something completely different. But when asked about whether or not they supported the vaccine passport, many chose to double down believing that the passports were just excuses for the government to continue tracking citizens further. Most who doubled down believe that the government should be less involved in daily life and that the vaccine passport represents a dangerous precedent.

Yet another political debate on Twitter but one that seems fairly equal. While both groups continue to clash with out coming to an agreement the question both groups are trying to answer still hangs in the air, unanswered. What is the government’s role currently and what will it be following Covid 19.