Be Part of the Keno Boom with These Pro Tips

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Casino trends come and go. 60 years ago, for example, baccarat was one of the most popular games and featured in every casino. By the turn of the millennium, it was practically extinct. Today, it is back in the top five games played in US online casinos. Real money keno is a game with an even longer history that is likewise enjoying a renaissance in the 2020s.

A long and fascinating history

Apocryphal history has it that keno was invented about 3,000 years ago. Chinese Emperor Cheung Leung had the bright idea of a lottery-style game that would generate enough money to pay out prizes to winners while still leaving sufficient funds to finance essential repairs to the Great Wall of China

Keno basics

That story should immediately tell you one thing about keno. The house edge is considerable, typically between 20 and 30 percent, although that depends on the game and the rule variations. If you play casino games in an attempt to outsmart the house and win money, you stand a better chance studying blackjack or video poker. 

However, for most casino players, it is all about the experience. A win is always nice, but players accept that the casino has to make money, and the enjoyment of the game is worth the cost. In other words, keno is all about having fun. 

The game itself is very similar to a lottery in format, in that you are guessing which numbered balls will be drawn at random. Typically, there are 80 balls in total. Different games demand that you pick between 4 and 10 numbers. The more matches you get the bigger the prize.

Where to play keno

Keno is a hot ticket in online casinos right now. Players enjoy the flexibility of different types of games and the social aspects like chat boxes and fun avatars that are incorporated into online games. More online casinos in the US than ever are offering real money keno games – the list at provides plenty of guidance in this regard. 

What version should you play?

The more numbers you pick, the less likely you are to win a significant prize. The Pick 7 or 8 draws offer what is marginally the best in terms of statistical risk vs return. However, if you want to play longer and make your bankroll last, Pick 4 or 5 has the lower volatility and tends to bring frequent, if modest, returns. 


Multiple cards for the win

If you’ve ever watched elderly ladies play bingo, you might have marveled at how they somehow manage to keep up with the action across what look like about 20 cards at once. In keno, it is also a wise move. Keep the wagers low and the card numbers high. The idea is to cover off as many of the numbers as you can. Of course, that’s still no guarantee of a winning combination on a single card, but it increases the statistical likelihood.

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