Bella Poarch is Giving Away 100K in Bitcoin Away to Celebrate Being the Newest Cash App Ambassador

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Image: @bellapoarch | TikTok

TikTok star Bella Poarch announced she is the newest Cash App ambassador, causing #BitcoinBella to trend on Twitter. Poarch, who got her fame from a viral video on TikTok and has since made a career out of being a TikTok influencer and even branching out to make music, announced she would be giving away 100 thousand dollars in Bitcoin, causing #BitcoinBella to trend on Twitter. In order to be considered for the giveaway, you have to follow Cash App on Twitter and quote tweet her with their username and the hashtag #BitcoinBella.

Although some might have thought it was a scam, many Tweeted Bella with proof that she had sent them Bitcoin. This news came soon after Poarch posted that she had been permanently banned from TikTok, where she had created her career in the first place. Poarch is not the only big creator to be taken off the app, either, as Charli D’ Amelio and Addison Rae were recently banned as well. Some wondered if Poarch would continue to participate with Cash App and continue to increase her influence and participate in more crypto-related brands.

Overall, Poarch’s interaction with Cash App and the chance to win some Bitcoin for free seemed to work, as #BitcoinBella has been trending steadily all day, and will probably continue to trend as the giveaway continues for the rest of the week. Many were very grateful for Poarch and Cash App, often sending the screenshot of their received Bitcoin to provide proof for other skeptical issuers and to tell Poarch and the app thank you. And although you might not think of Bella Poarch whenever you think about cryptocurrencies and Cash App, there’s always a first for everything.

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