Ben Shapiro Criticized For Not Knowing That “Frozen” 3 Does Not Exist Yet

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Conservative media personality Ben Shapiro spoke about Disney’s diversity and inclusion efforts once again on The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show”. Shapiro has long espoused homophobic views on his platform, and today slammed Disney for what he predicts will be a “lesbian Elsa” in “Frozen 4.” He claimed that the move would mark “the end of Disney.”

Little did Shapiro know that there are only two “Frozen” films currently, with a third on the way. Critics of the media personality were quick to point out the factual error on his show.

Hours after the clip’s release, Shapiro acknowledged his error, but stood by his convictions.

Ben Shapiro And Anti-LGBTQ+ Comments

Others criticize Shapiro’s constant focus on sexuality, particularly among the LGBTQ+ community. He tends to focus on supporting the current wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passing through several U.S. states rather than other pressing political matters.


Shapiro continues to support the highly controversial bans on drag performances across the country. Notably, a judge temporarily blocked one such ban in Tennessee this month. The media personality asserts that such performances are inappropriate for children.

In response to Shapiro’s repeat homophobic rhetoric, one Twitter user used AI technology to turn the conservative host into a drag queen himself.

Today’s commentary comes a matter of days after Shapiro joined a growing list of Republicans and right-leaning celebrities in criticizing Anheiser-Busch. The beer giant manufactures the popular Bud Light. The beverage recently appeared in a sponsored post from transgender TikTok creator Dylan Mulvaney.Conservative critics of the brand continue to misgender Mulvaney and the trans community as a whole.


Many are reminding critics of Shapiro to keep their focus on pressing legislative issues. While Shapiro continues to support homophobic causes, abortion bans and mass shootings continue to ravage the nation, taking lives in their wake.

Disney has yet to comment on Shapiro’s criticism of LGBTQ+ inclusion in their films.

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