BENlabs Appoints New CEO And Lays Off “Many” in Company Workforce

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Influencer marketing agency BENlabs recently made saw the the appointment of a new CEO and a notable reduction in staff numbers. The agency, renowned for its innovative use of artificial intelligence to connect brands with creators, unveiled these changes on June 4, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution.

The core motivation behind this restructure, as articulated by BENlabs, is a deliberate shift back to its foundational principles of client-centric service. By realigning its focus on three key areas: influencer marketing, product placement, and the TubeBuddy platform, acquired in 2020, the agency aims to streamline its operations and enhance its value proposition to clients.

One of the most significant changes within the organization is the leadership transition from former CEO Ricky Ray Butler to Ted Sheffield. Sheffield, a seasoned veteran with over a decade of experience at BENlabs, previously held pivotal roles as Chief Operating Officer and general counsel.

Accompanying Sheffield’s elevation are new executive appointments, including Erin Schmidt as General Manager of Product Placement, Jake Maughan as General Manager of Influencer Marketing, and Tyler Folkman as Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of TubeBuddy.

However, amidst the restructuring efforts, BENlabs also made the difficult decision to part ways with a significant portion of its workforce. While the agency did not specify the exact number of employees affected, it acknowledged the impact of these changes on its team, expressing gratitude for their contributions while bidding farewell to valued colleagues and friends.

Despite the challenges posed by workforce reductions, BENlabs remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. With approximately 400 employees, according to its website, the agency focused to drive forward.

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