Beyoncé Announces New Album “Renaissance”

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After six long years, Beyoncé officially announced her newest album “Renaissance” will be coming in an interview with Vogue.

After being featured on a stunning new cover, she hints at the newest era, and it is an understatement to say that fans are excited. Edward Enninful, the author of the article, reported Beyoncé played the newest album for him and described “soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth.”

Beyoncé says the album “has been a long process” and the pandemic gave her time to think about every decision going into the album, which is “just the way she likes it.” After seeing the cover, and other photos from the shoot where she “wanted to play with fashion like never before, and as we swapped references (from the 1990s garage scene to ’80s excess), talked hair and beauty, and got to know her team, a vision of glittering retro-futurism began to take shape,” she immediately began to trend number one on Twitter.

Act I of “Renaissance” debuts July 16th and will have 16 tracks according to Beyoncé’s socials. In the article, Enninful describes her and her privacy as “legendary, but this protection allows the superstar to experience her pocket of the world as calmly as possible. It is with her music and artistry, that she allows her inner soul to shine.”


Fans have long awaited this moment, with some deeming it the “Beyoncé drought.” One fan wrote “I love that Beyoncé remade the music industry with the unannounced digital drop and now she’s remaking it again by showing the girls what it means to do promo and have a legitimate rollout. An icon. A legend. She is the moment.”

Overall, it’s safe to say fans were incredibly excited to see the new cover from Vogue that came along with an album announcement and even receive a date for when the album will be available.

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