Billy Ray Cyrus Alleges Physical, Emotional, and Verbal Abuse by Firerose, Denies Allegations from Former Wife

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Country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus has leveled serious accusations against his estranged wife, Firerose, alleging he was subjected to physical, verbal, and emotional abuse during their tumultuous marriage, according to court documents filed Monday.

In the filings obtained by What’s Trending, Cyrus, denied allegations of abusive behavior toward Firerose and instead claimed he was the victim of abuse. The documents describe instances where he asserts Firerose physically assaulted him in addition to the verbal and emotional torment he endured.

“While the Plaintiff would acknowledge that he was certainly vocal, frustrated and angry with the Defendant in May 2024, it is the plaintiff who, in fact, has been abused,” the court document reads. “Not only verbally and emotionally by the Defendant, but PHYSICALLY abused by Defendant.”

Supporting Cyrus’s claims, Scott Adkins, Cyrus’s manager, submitted an affidavit affirming that he witnessed the abuse directed at Cyrus by Firerose.

The legal filings also address Firerose’s allegations against Cyrus, including a note she reportedly left him apologizing and pleading for reconciliation. In response, Cyrus alleged that Firerose threatened to ruin his career if he pursued divorce, citing her upcoming double mastectomy as the reason for their split.

According to Cyrus, he only learned of Firerose’s genetic predisposition to breast cancer after their marriage, despite her purported knowledge of the BRCA1 gene mutation for four years prior.

In a statement rebutting Cyrus’s claims, an unnamed representative for Firerose dismissed his allegations as false, asserting that the individuals supporting Cyrus are compromised by their financial ties to him.


“The audacity to question a BRCA-positive woman’s decision to undergo preventative surgery demonstrates the manipulative treatment she endured from Cyrus,” the representative stated.

Earlier filings by Firerose detailed a contentious period leading up to their divorce, including allegations of verbal assaults and threats from Cyrus just before she was scheduled for surgery. She accused Cyrus of creating a hostile environment that left her feeling emotionally trapped.

Cyrus filed for divorce on May 23, 2024, just a day before Firerose was slated to undergo a double mastectomy due to her BRCA1 gene mutation diagnosis, a move she claimed was intended to destabilize her during a vulnerable time.

The legal back-and-forth intensified with Cyrus seeking a restraining order to prevent Firerose from accessing his financial accounts, alleging unauthorized spending amounting to nearly $100,000 post-separation. Firerose countered by asserting her right to the funds and denying the charges of misuse.

The escalating legal battle between Cyrus and Firerose underscores the complexities of their marital discord, now playing out publicly as each side seeks to defend their respective claims in court with the public watching.

For individuals experiencing domestic violence, confidential assistance is available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or, accessible 24/7 in over 170 languages.


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