Bindery Partners with Atlas Literary and IAG to Adapt TikTok-Approved Books for Film

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Bindery Books, a pioneering startup in the digital book club space, is swiftly advancing into its next phase of operations less than a year after launching its innovative concept with TikTok as of late.

In a strategic move to leverage the influence of the #BookTok community, Bindery has inked a partnership deal with Atlas Literary and Independent Artist Group (IAG) to explore screen adaptations for projects emerging from its developmental pipeline.

Founded on a unique model, Bindery collaborates with literary influencers on TikTok who establish their own publishing imprints through the startup. These imprints not only serve as platforms for releasing books but also function as interactive book clubs where followers of these influencers can engage and discuss the published titles.

Last November, Bindery made some big headlines with the announcement of its first four acquisitions under this model. Notable among them was Jaysen “Ezeekat” Headley’s debut “cozy fantasy” released through his imprint, alongside Kathryn Budig’s Inky Phoenix Press, which backed a gothic mystery titled “Strange Beasts.”

While Bindery’s initial slate is currently in production, the startup is proactively planning for the inevitable next step: screen adaptations. This strategic move aligns with its partnership with Atlas Literary, a subsidiary of Atlas Entertainment renowned for financing major Hollywood productions such as the blockbuster “Wonder Woman” (2017) and the recent Oscar-winning film “Oppenheimer.”

Similarly, IAG, through its Media Rights department, has been instrumental in packaging numerous bestselling books for adaptation into screenplays, including the BookTok favorite “Fourth Wing,” which is slated for development at Amazon Studios.

In addition to its recent collaboration, Bindery has secured a first-look agreement with Bad Robot, the studio founded by J.J. Abrams.


Matt Kaye, Co-Founder and CEO of Bindery, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This new generation of tastemakers has their pulse on the stories people want, allowing us to surface those trends with more immediacy. Atlas Literary and IAG share our vision for the future of publishing and entertainment. I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with them to take these incredible stories to the next level.”

Bindery’s initial lineup of acquisitions is set to debut in the fall of 2024, with projects from its second development slate anticipated for release in spring 2025. This forward-looking approach underscores Bindery’s commitment to bridging the gap between digital content consumption and traditional publishing while capitalizing on emerging trends in media and entertainment.

The startup’s trajectory highlights the evolving landscape where digital influencers play a pivotal role in shaping literary trends and fostering new avenues for storytelling across multiple platforms. As Bindery continues to expand its footprint in the industry, its partnerships with key players like Atlas Literary and IAG signify a strategic move towards integrating book-to-screen adaptations seamlessly into its growth strategy.

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