Blog Post Topics that are Sure to Succeed in 2022

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We are living in a revolutionary time. Human communication has never been cheaper or more accessible. Even though the contrary may seem true, more and more people are reading regularly. Blogs are the 21st-century primary method of delivering written content. While book sales and news articles are unimpressive, there is an increase in traffic when it comes to blogs. 

Online writers can make a decent living out of blogging or working for a paper writing services. And if you want to follow that path, you must remember the golden rule of consistency. 

Even a decent blog can go under if your upload schedule is erratic. To maintain discipline in publishing, you must avoid writer’s block. In that regard, some evergreen topics can be relied upon. 

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Guides and tutorials 

In terms of topics for article writing, this one will never go out of style. Why? Well, it is because of the paradox of the modern world. 

People now are spending a quarter of their lives in school. Despite sixteen years of non-stop education, modern people are inept. In the tens of millions, adults cannot perform basic tasks such as changing a car tire, or doing their taxes. 

We are the most educated generation in human history, yet we know nothing about the world. However, you as a writer can make lemonade out of these lemons. 

Tutorials and guides will always be relevant as blog writing topics. It will be successful if the guide fits your general niche and is well-explained. In addition, search engines also love these posts, given that they generate traffic and bring additional revenue. 


And in case you are wondering if you are qualified enough to write guides, do not worry. You would be amazed at the level of simplicity that is needed. 

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Sometimes, you do not need to over-complicate things when selecting the best topics for writing articles. For example, I recently had a problem with aphids eating my Petunias. I googled the issue, and read a guide on how to get rid of them. 

The article started with a short description of the insects themselves. Then, it instructed me on how to soak some garlic in water with baking soda and spray it on the bugs. The writer managed to stretch this into 500 words, and get my view. He/she was successful in writing this tutorial, even though I doubt he was an expert in pest removal. 

As a side note, if English is your second language, you can make a decent living by translating and adapting content to your native tongue. 

Personal experience 

Content writing topics should not be approached as a riddle to be solved. 

When talking to another person, what do you do? Well, most of us tell stories about our experiences. I use the word “stories” because we usually cut out the boring parts, and just structure the relevant events into a narrative. 


A gigantic sub-section of the “let me tell you what happened to me” category of posts, is the travel blog. Some people make a decent amount of money by traveling around and telling you about it. 

Watching other people have fun and living vicariously through them is another strange quirk of human psychology. We watch others travel, eat good food or play video games, instead of doing these things ourselves. 

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Goal-oriented posts

One of the best topics for writing articles is gradual improvement. Our minds function as goal-oriented machines. We get our will to live from chasing dreams and milestones, and it is entertaining to watch someone get gradually better. 

This is why people hate a fictional character that is good at everything. Without the struggle and uphill drive to improve, humans’ existence is bland and uninspiring. Video games, movies, and even athlete’s PR teams try to construct this story of steady and gradual improvement to succeed in life. 

Let’s say, for example, that you are documenting your journey of losing weight. Guaranteed, the lessons and struggles learned along the way will make for some interesting posts. 

Even in video formats, one of the trending topics today is some variation of “ I tried X diet for 30 days”. Bodybuilding, learning to play the guitar, or even building a cabin in the woods can be interesting to document. 

Top 10s

At this point, you are just playing dirty. Another quirk of human psychology is that we seem to be addicted to countdowns. Some writers spend weeks and sleepless nights researching a subject. They polish every word and verify every paragraph. And despite this effort, a guy who writes a “top 10” article in 30 minutes gets 8 times the number of clicks. 

Out of all top trending topics, “top 10s” are the cheapest and laziest form of writing. Top ten movies, top ten cars, top 10 characters from a show, etc. 

The trick is that everything you write is stretched. You do not have to be an expert. Shallow, superficial knowledge is enough to write a top 10. In addition, it is a generally fast article to produce. Some of the best sites for essay writing have shifted towards these simplistic articles, as they bring in the most views. 

Even knowing all of this will not spare you from the appeal. I regularly watch top 10 videos, despite realizing the trick. 


In old movies, the king used to feed someone out of his plate first, to see if the food was poisoned. Nowadays, the person getting fed is called a reviewer. 

The same logic remains: Someone is trying something before you, so that you, the consumer, do not waste your limited time and money. There will always be a demand for reviewing content, and it is a good job to have. 

Tech blogs in particular get lots of attention, given that electronics tend to receive yearly updates, and there is lots of competition in the field. Many trending article topics are related to electronic releases. 


Even brilliant writers need their daily bread. Not every blog post will make readers weep and reconsider their lives. Sometimes, you just need to post for the sake of search engine rankings and consistency. The topics mentioned today will most likely never go out of style.

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