Bo Burnham Releases “Inside” Deleted Scenes

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Image: Bo Burnham | Twitter

When Bo Burnham released “Inside” last year, it was an immediate success. The special, which he edited, wrote, directed, and shot by himself during the beginning of the pandemic, hit “No. 1 on Billboard’s comedy albums chart and eventually climbed to No. 7 on the Top 200” according to Variety. Now, a year later, Burnham announced on Twitter that he has spent the last few months editing the outtakes of this project, which is now available on Youtube.

This came as a surprise to many viewers, who were very happy to have more content from the special they enjoyed. The special, which is a mix of comedy, social critiques, and melancholy, did exceptionally well among viewers online, especially on TikTok. “I will never get over bo Burnham putting into words what the pandemic was like for people that grew up in their bedroom. taking years of your life to be present and finally be sociable, and then to be put right back where you started. inside is a masterpiece,” one person wrote.

Fans enjoyed getting to see the outtakes and what did not make the final cut. And although they were cut, fans enjoyed thought they were still just as good as the Netflix special. “I finished ‘THE INSIDE OUTTAKES’ by Bo Burnham. It’s incredible. Some moments funnier than I expected and should’ve been in the final product. Just as impactful as ‘INSIDE’ and offers more insight into how it was made than ‘INSIDE’ did. It was amazing. I’m in awe,” one fan commented online. “I think this Bo Burnham outtakes special does just as good as or an even better job than its original of being so meta that its actual commentary without the commentary. It’s very interesting and Bo is a gem of a generation of kids stuck in a room,” another said on Twitter.

Although it’s been a year, many enjoyed the new content from Burnham and seeing what else went into the production and creation of “Inside.”


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