Bob the Drag Queen, Chloe Zhao, and More Talk About their Experience at This Year’s GLAAD Media Awards

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Image: Getty Images Entertainment / JC Olivera / Stringer - Getty Images

In case you are unaware, the GLAAD media awards recognize and celebrate LGBT people by highlighting media that represents the community in a positive and accurate way. From actors to photographers, there are so many different types of media that queer people are involved in, which is what the awards hope to highlight. This week, Revry TV attended the awards and was able to catch up with different queer stars, like model Isis King and Bob the Drag Queen.

Although the awards highlight so many different people in different types of media, everyone shares the celebration of queer people, which is what makes the awards so unique. When asked what it’s like to be at the GLAAD awards, comedian Benito Skinner said that “It’s so important that now we’re seeing queer stories written by queer people, acted by queer people, directed by queer people.” This was a sentiment repeated by many of the attendees, as many felt happy to be there and felt celebrated just by attending. For example, filmmaker Chloé Zhao said that she never felt as if she was “cool enough to be invited” and was very happy to be invited.

Isis King, who is a model, gave heartwarming advice to queer youth and encouraged them to “keep going” and says she speaks “from experience that everything is possible.” Michaela Rodriguez also encouraged LGBT youth as she said that their “existence is key and we are going to keep fighting for you.” Bob the Drag queen offered a different, yet still an empowering message, as she says that the message of love is important, but so is the message of “knowledge” and how this message of education should be spread and discussed more, which was an interesting perspective. Megan Good said to “love yourself” and emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance.


Overall, the message from many of the attendees was positive as they encouraged people from home to continue to love who they are and to embrace themselves, even during difficult times. For many, the best part of being queer is the community that comes with it, which was represented during GLAAD’s red carpet. To see all of the interviews, click here.

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