Bobbi Brown Makes Fun of Influencer in Viral TikTok

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Image: @justbobbibrown and @meredithduxbury | TikTok

Bobbi Brown’s makeup brand recently launched its new foundation from her new brand, Jones Road. Although some love the foundation, as it is a balm foundation and provides medium coverage, not everyone was a fan. Makeup influencer on TikTok, Meredith Duxbury, is known for her controversial makeup looks, as she often uses a perplexing amount and applies it with her hands. Though her techniques might be questionable to some, her makeup often looks flawless and has gained her 475 million likes on the app. So, when she tried the brand’s foundation and did not like it, it caused quite the stir online.


I’m gonna have to pass….😭😅🥴

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Meredith tried the foundation twice, as many online said she was using the foundation incorrectly, but she was still not a fan. Bobbi Brown then took it into her own hands and posted her own video that was definitely poking fun at the creator when she mimicked the way Meredith applies her foundation with her hands. “Didn’t really work,” she joked. Brown, who is well-revered in the beauty community with the building of her iconic Bobbi Brown brand, received a lot of comments that noticed her shade and applauded her for it.


How did I do?? Applying Jones Road’s light to medium coverage What The Foundation 🤣😅 #foundation #foundationhack #foundationroutine

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“If BOBBI BROWN dragged me like this, I would quite literally never show my face again,” one commenter said. Many agreed, and she was not the only one to dislike the technique Meredith uses. Although she said she could not tell the difference the second time she tried her foundation, many thought that she was just trying to commit to her disliking the foundation and not wanting to admit it. Fellow beauty influencers commented on the shade as well, saying that the product probably was just not for Meredith, but it does not make it a bad product.


Clearing up the What The Foundation Confusion #foundation #foundationhack #foundationtutorial

♬ original sound – Bobbi Brown

Bobbi had also noted proper use in another video, as she thought the foundation was being misunderstood. “It is a skin-like finish and it is honestly like a tinted moisturizer balm,” she explained online. Many understood this and did not fault her for the misunderstanding. “I don’t actually think there is confusion, I think people don’t read product descriptions or watch videos by the brand as opposed to ‘influencers,'” one person commented. Whether you’re a fan of the foundation or not, it seems clear to many online to not mess with Bobbi Brown, who will not hesitate to call you out for misrepresentation or incorrect information about her products and brand.


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