Brad Pitt Claims Angelina Jolie Intended to “Inflict Harm” on Him

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According to recent court documents, Brad Pitt claims his ex-wife Angelina Jolie sought to “inflict harm” on him after Jolie sold her interests in the wine company Château Miraval. For context, the couple bought a controlling stake in the company and agreed to inform each other if they ever decided to sell their stakes. According to Pitt, they agreed to allow the other’s consent before they sold. Now, Pitt claims that “Jolie pursued and then consummated the purported sale in secret, purposely keeping Pitt in the dark, and knowingly violating Pitt’s contractual rights.”


In legal documents, Pitt’s lawyers claim Jolie sold her interests to a company that  is “bent on taking control of Miraval” and by doing “has sought to force Pitt into partnership with a stranger, and worse yet, a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions.” They also claimed this can damage Pitt’s reputation in the business of wine. Now, with the mention of suing and reputations, some are wondering if this is coming as a consequence of the Johnny Depp or Amber Heard trial. Although this suit came out in February, some wonder if the mentioning of a purposely damaged reputation was done after seeing Depp and Heard’s trial.

Others, however, maintained that since Pitt decided to sue Jolie as early as February, the likeliness of their connection is slim. But, some people pointed out that there had been child abuse allegations against Pitt around the same time Jolie filed for divorce, along with her saying she felt as if her children were unsafe during their marriage. Although Jolie has not made a comment about Pitt’s claims about why she sold her interests in the company, many are ready to support her if there is a trial, which Pitt has requested to be by jury.


Whether or not there will be a trial, some on Twitter have made it clear that they want to support Jolie, with many noting that they “stand with Angelina Jolie.

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