The Guardian Releases Special Edition Devoted to Refugees

Since 1993, over 34,000 people have died due to feeling war zones and violence, and The Guardian has released a special edition paper devoted to those whose lives were unfairly taken.

Today is World Refugee Day and The Guardian has devoted today’s paper to the 34,361 people whose lives were taken after trying to flee their countries to find safety in Europe. The increase in refugees fleeing their own country, due to war, violence, and famine has increased so much that the figure for 2018 has reached an astronomical 68.5 million people.

The 56-page list is available online as a PDF or in print. The Guardian have listed the name, gender, age, the region of origin, and the cause of death for the victims in table format, which shows that over 80% of deaths are at sea. The document is chilling, yet eye-opening, and people on Twitter have noticed how powerful something so simple can be and have congratulated the paper on the amazing work they have done.

The Guardian has also released an article to go along with the list, that tells a story of those at sea and the experiences they went through, which paints a larger picture of what these poor people endured. They also mention Dutch NGO, United for Intercultural Action, who gathered the data for this document and also the stories to go along with the list.

Also featured on the article is a series of dots, which total up the body count for those who have passed on, features a series of facts throughout, and an interactive map which shows where, when, and how many people died. Both of these features really tie together how this issue has become an epidemic that requires attention, and hopefully, this list will make people aware how these people are not just a number, but human beings that didn’t receive the help they needed.

If you would like to read the PDF document of the list, you can find it here:

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