Britney Spear’s Sister Jamie Lynn Discusses Britney’s Conservatorship on GMA and Angers Many on Twitter

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Photo: GMA

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Jamie Lynn Spears talks about her sister, Britney Spears, and her conservatorship to promote her upcoming memoir “Things I Should Have Said.” This conversation stirred Twitter, causing both Jamie and Britney to trend. Specifically, Jamie made statements about Britney, whose conservatorship recently ended. She states that when the conservatorship was first put into place, she was 17 years old and pregnant, so she did not understand the entirety or complexity of the situation. She also goes on to say she was “happy” when the conservatorship was put to an end.

More on the interview

As the interview continues, Jamie states that she did not want to participate in watching over the estate, which was a part of the conservatorship, and claims she did not oversee any funds. She also says “‘” So when she needed help, I set up ways to do so. Went out of my way to make sure that she had the contacts she needed to possibly go ahead and end this conservatorship and just end this all for our family. If it’s going to cause this much discord, why continue it?'” In one quote, she says that she tried to help, but “it was up to Britney to ‘walk through the door.'”

After seeing this interview, many people had an immediate problem with it. Some felt that Jamie was lying and profited from her sister’s conservatorship. Others felt that her saying that Jamie seemed to push a narrative that Britney could “walk” away from abuse was upsetting.

Twitter’s response

Of course, the two sisters immediately started to trend on Twitter as people started to watch the interview. Many users commented on the fact that it was unfair that Britney went through so much and now Jamie received a book deal and exclusive interviews. Others felt it was inappropriate for Jamie to make comments about the conservatorship, especially since Jamie claims she was not aware of what was happening at the time.


Others also brought up documents showcasing the fact that she was Britney’s trustee and was able to Britney’s money into an investment firm, meaning that Jamie did oversee funds.

Britney Spears also made a post that many feel was a reference towards her sister’s comments but is not confirmed. In the Instagram post, she writes “Should I start from the beginning?” meaning Britney may be preparing to speak out against the comments Jamie made in reference to her conservatorship.

Many were in support of this, as Britney had made comments before stating that her family did nothing to help her and in fact continued the conservatorship. Either way, Jamie’s comments about her sister definitely did not come across as she might have been expecting and actually angered people more than it cleared the air.

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