People Are Suspecting Britney Spears is Calling Out Her Sister in Recent Instagram Post

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Posted 2 days ago on Instagram, people are guessing or assuming  that Britney Spears is calling out her sister Jamie Lynn Spears for standing up for her in order to “save face”. Recently, #FreeBritney has been an important movement calling to free Britney from her 13-year long conservatorship. In a recent post, Spears posted an Instagram post with a very long caption that calls out people who did not show up for her when she needed them most but have posted in support of Spears in order to look supportive to the public eye. The quote Spears posted reads “Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you even had to ask.” Though Spears did not specifically say she was talking about her younger sister Jamie, many have gone ahead and assumed this is who the post is aimed at.

When #freeBritney was trending, Jamie Lynn Spears commented that she supported her sister and that she was supportive of her sister and was proud of her for using her voice. Many people did not buy this, as Jamie Lynn has never spoken up about Britney before #FreeBritney was trending. This is why many find it likely that Britney’s post would about Jamie, as it seems to match up with the timeline. Others do not find it necessary that Jamie would have to post anything before now in support of her sister to actually be supportive.

Many also think that Britney is referencing Jamie in different Instagram posts as well. In one of Jamie’s posts, she wrote “May the peace of the Lord be with you and your sister.” Later, Britney posted a photo saying “May the Lord wrap your mean ass up in joy today.” The caption has since been changed, probably due to speculation that Britney was digging at her sister.


Britney has officially declared WAR on Jamie Lynn… #freebritney

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Britney Spear’s Update

Besides the news about the alleged posts between Britney and her sister, Britney was recently seen driving for the first time in “ages.” Many accredit this to her new lawyer Mathew Rosengart. Though it is easy to get wrapped up in the drama surrounding Britney Spears, it is important to keep in mind that this goes beyond gossip or drama. It is around Britney’s freedom and her ability to control her life and listen to her story rather than let drama overshadow the true issue Britney Spears is facing.


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