BTS Will Be Exploring Solo Careers

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The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins/Getty Images

Announced today, the incredibly popular K-pop group BTS announced they would be exploring solo careers. The Korean band announced this in a video and informed their fans that they will be taking a break in order to explore solo music careers. This will give the group some time apart after a decade together while allowing creative freedom and a break from the pressure of being a major public figure. “I hope that people don’t think negatively about this step and that they see this is a healthy, important part of our plan that will let BTS grow stronger,” one member stated.

One thing people know about BTS is their fan base, known as “the army” for a reason, as they are a massive force online and known for causing BTS to trend on Twitter often. As expected, fans were a little distraught and supportive, but they were also confused. Although the word hiatus was used by English subtitles as the boys spoke Korean, it seems that the band will just be going solo for a little to allow them to explore new things. RM, who often speaks English for the group and even did so at the White House, said that he felt it was difficult to balance his work as an artist while also being known as the group’s spokesperson. They all agree that they will be back, but for now, they feel that a break would benefit them all and make them stronger as a band.

“BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time,” Hybe reported, which is the entertainment company managing BTS. Fans were very relieved to hear this, but would still miss seeing the band together. But, some members tried to remember that this means the members would be taking time for themselves, with one fan writing “BTS taking a break to focus on themselves is something I’m never going to complain about.. it could be thousand years and I’ll still be waiting for them with open arms.”

So, although there seemed to be some confusion on whether the band would be on hiatus or not, fans showed their support for the band and were happy to know they were making decisions that would benefit them the most.


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