“Bugs Bunny” Trends on Twitter as Users Show Governor DeSantis the Kinds of Cartoons They Watched as Children

Twitter definitely proved its point.
By Savannah Moss
Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

At a recent event that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at, he spoke out about Disney and how it is “injecting” sexuality into movies or tv shows for children. At the end of a clip circulating Twitter, he notes that “when we were young, you could watch cartoons without having to worry.” Now, people are watching the clip and providing clips from older TV shows and movies that would have aired when DeSantis was a child to prove that nothing has really changed or gotten as drastic as some people claim it is. For example, many provided clips from Bugs Bunny, that were not only violent but often showed Bugs Bunny dressed as a woman, yet nobody was complaining about these shows.

In one Tweet, someone provided a notorious clip of Bugs Bunny shooting a man and killing him after he coughs during his piano recital, writing that “it was hilarious. it’s gonna be ok.” Another clip from 1945 shows Bugs Bunny dressed as Joseph Stalin scaring away Adolf Hitler, as the communist flag sits behind them.

Many wanted to show DeSantis that cartoons from later generations are not more “radical” than any other cartoons, although some people do not believe it. Also, many people showcased offensive Disney cartoons that often made fun of minorities, showing that some people were having to worry about the cartoons their children were watching.

Overall, many people provided clips to prove their point about cartoons now versus the cartoons then. Many also said that although Bugs Bunny dressed as a woman quite frequently, he probably would not have gotten away with it now, as some would claim it was “indoctrination.” One person proved this point by writing that ” Folks, I watched Bugs Bunny in full drag kiss other male characters every Saturday morning. I’m still straight. You cannot influence sexual orientation. Let’s be accepting.”