California Lieutenant Governor Attends Taylor Swift Concert Days Before Calling For The Singer To Cancel LA Shows

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California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis attended a sold out Taylor Swift concert in Santa Clara, California. Just a week later, she was one of several state politicians to sign a petition demanding for Swift to cancel her Los Angeles stops on “The Eras Tour” in solidarity with local hotel worker unions who are currently on strike. Now, California residents and Swifties are calling her out for her alleged hypocrisy.

Much of the city remains on strike, given Los Angeles county’s bountiful resources for the entertainment industry. The WGA began their strike in May of 2023, with SAG-AFTRA and parts of IATSE following in July of 2023. None of these unions represent musicians, songwriters, or the music industry. While the strikes have no tie to Taylor Swift, Kounalakis and the politicians appeared to argue that Swift’s concerts would cause a surge in hotel stays in the greater Los Angeles area.

The surge in hotel stays would in turn make millions of dollars, little of which would go to the thousands of workers striking for fair wages. The petition naturally drew the ire of Swifties who survived Ticketmastergate and managed to snag tickets.

Social Media Reactions

The news reached TikTok when a creator named Greg Price called out the Lieutenant Governor for what he referred to as “hypocrisy.” While Swift has not commented on the ongoing labor strikes across several industries, she recently made headlines for an act of kindness towards several of her own tour employees. The acclaimed singer gave $100,000 bonuses to all of her tour truckers, who trek her equipment, expansive sets, costumes, and more across the country for “The Eras Tour.”


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It was also confirmed that Swift reportedly paid bonuses to her stage crew members, set designers, makeup and wardrobe artists, and band. The amount remains undisclosed. Outside of these payments, Swift has donated large sums to food banks and local charities in each American city she has stopped in on the U.S. leg of “The Eras Tour.” Many argue that these acts of generosity towards countless communities offset the hotel profits.

Fans argued that Kounalakis’ statements were insensitive to the many concertgoers who are planning their experience around full time jobs and families and cannot reschedule.



Others argued that the tour could actually prove the hotel strikers’ point, and show how truly vital their labor is to the hotel systems.

Some reminded concertgoers that there are several other ways to support the striking workers.

Swift never responded to the local politicians’ letter to her team, and appears to be proceeding with her Los Angeles shows as planned. The singer heads to Mexico and South America for the next leg of the tour, and will return to the U.S. for a second leg of shows in 2024.

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