“Call Her Daddy” Podcast Host Alexandra Cooper Under Fire for Interviewing Jamie Lynn Spears

Yikes, this is not going as Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexandra Cooper probably had hoped.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @callherdaddy | Twitter

Last week, Jamie Lynn Spears was featured in an interview on Good Morning America to talk about her upcoming book Things I Should Have Said, and many felt it was inappropriate that Jamie is receiving media attention to tell her side of the story. Many felt that since Britney was the one who went through a conservatorship, she should be uplifted to tell her story as she was not allowed, but as of right now Jamie continues to be heard about her side of things. Now, podcast host Alexandra Cooper, who is known for the controversial “Call Her Daddy” podcast, is facing heat after doing a two-part series with Jamie, as it is giving her even more attention.

Why people are upset 

As most are aware, Britney Spears was recently freed from her decade-long conservatorship, which Britney holds Jamie accountable for as well, as she and their father profited from Spears’ money. Now, Jamie Spears is coming out to tell her “side” of the story, which many think is inappropriate as she was not the victim in the situation and therefore should not be treated as one or given a platform to discuss her view on things.

Many felt that this was a cash-grab for Cooper, the host of the podcast, and would garner money and attention, especially putting it into two episodes. Many also felt that this would even further promote Jamie’s new book, which Britney Spears recently spoke out about. Essentially, even after Spear’s conservatorship, many feel as if Jamie is still able to profit off of Britney. And, since Cooper gave Jamie the platform, many felt as if she was choosing money and more views on Britney’s behalf as well. Influencer Daniel Preda put it in simple words that many agreed with, noting that Cooper was giving “an abuser such a massive platform and benefit off this situation.”

Though Cooper recieved backlash ever since she posted the announcement of the episodes last night, she has yet to make a comment or redact her podcast episodes. The only thing Cooper has seemed to do was retweet an article defending Jamie Spears after they had watched the episode, in an article entitled “The Case For Jamie Lynn Spears After Watching Part 1 Of Her Call Her Daddy Interview.” In this article, the author writes that she feels “we have been incredibly hard on Jamie Lynn.”

Many did not agree with the article, especially since it came from Barstool Sports, which formerly owned the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Overall, there were not many good reactions to the newest podcast episode with Jamie Lynn, with many feeling as if the podcast has strayed away from any feminist movement, which they used to try to maintain.