Cara Delevinge Trends on Twitter After Bizarre Behavior at BBMAS

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Although Cara Delevinge is not a singer and was not a nominee at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, Twitter could not stop obsessing over her bizarre behavior that night. After attending the awards as Megan Thee Stallion’s plus one, her odd behavior was later discussed as many did not understand why she behaved the way she did. First, she was photographed watching Megan’s photos, often captured as she watched behind a wall. Then, she came and threw the train of her dress for movement in the photos. Although this could be interpreted as helpful behavior, she continued to act strange throughout the night.

Later, she was spotted interrupting a conversation between Doja Cat and Megan. When the two were talking, Delevinge seemingly popped out of nowhere and interrupted. Many found that throughout the night, she seemed to be glued to her hip. Later, she was also captured lying on the ground to take a photo of Fat Joe, Doja, and DJ Khaled.

Many discussed her erratic behavior, as some wondered if she was genuinely intoxicated at the event. Although some stated this jokingly, others genuinely believed this to be possible, as she was acting so chaotically and seemingly had no awareness of how odd her behavior was coming off to others. But, others believed this to be an example of her fetishizing Black women. After a video came out of her trying to take a microphone from rapper Azelia Banks and pretending to lick her legs, many thought that her behavior at the BBMAS pointed towards a larger issue.


Many believed this odd behavior to point towards a fetishization of Black women from Delevinge, who is openly bisexual. “This is 100% sexual harassment Cara Delevingne is a weirdo and she doesn’t get a pass just cause she’s a woman” one person noted on Twitter. Many also believed that Megan probably felt uncomfortable, though did a good job of hiding it if true, as she later photoshopped Cara out of a photo with her and Doja.

Although some high-quality memes came out of the chaotic events from Delevinge, it is important to realize the ways that people can make Black women uncomfortable, even if they might consider themselves an ally or believe that what they’re doing is positive.

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