Carhartt Announced They Will Still Mandate Vaccinations For Employees and Some People are Not Having It

"I'm excited for Goodwills to be packed with Carhartt."
By Savannah Moss

In a recent email sent from Carhartt to its employees, the company maintains that even despite the recent Supreme Court decision that blocked Biden’s enforcing vaccinations or weekly tests, they would still be requiring vaccinations. In the letter, they note that they value employee safety and health, and that “an unvaccinated workforce is both a people and business risk that our company is unwilling to take.” When the letter was released to Twitter, there was certainly a divide amongst opinions, as some people believe this is how a company should react to vaccinations, while others called it “tyranny.”

The great divide

When the letter first reached Twitter, many were happily surprised to see this, as many were nervous about what the recent Supreme Court ruling meant for business and vaccinations. Many celebrated while showing off their own Carhartt gear, happy to be supporting a company that seemed to value what they valued. And, some also went to go buy Carhartt apparel just because of the recent announcement, as they wanted to support the company.

Some, however, were less than pleased and doing the exact opposite as mentioned. Many discussed throwing out their Carhartt material, which is ironic since it is meant to keep you warm and it is quite chilly outside in most places, especially with the recent winter storm that hit the northeast.


One person who was vocally opposed to the mandate, Ashley St. Clair, posted a photo of the email and said “Cancel @Carhartt.” Interestingly, someone pointed out that this same person had sold tee shirts that said “cancel cancel culture” which seemed to go against her point in the Tweet.

Still, many were still adamant about not giving money to the company, with some even insisting they would throw it out, despite Carhartt apparel being known for being on the pricier side. Many also wondered what this meant for companies to come, as some expect to see more debacles like this one where companies announce they will still mandate vaccinations.