Casinos without a Swedish License are the Hottest Trend in Sweden

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Gambling has now become a growing trend all over the world. Sweden is becoming a hub for gamblers looking for proven ways to earn money. The casino games that are more popular among the Swedish people are slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker games. Recently, there was a complete shift in the gambling scene of the Swedes, i.e., they started playing at casinos without a Swedish license. So, what makes unlicensed casinos the hottest trend in Sweden? Let us explain. 

Rule enforced by the Swedish government

Swedish government understands the ever-growing popularity of casino games among the Swedes and enrolled a new rule to protect the gamblers from illegal gambling practices. The Swedish gambling authority enforced a gambling law in January 2019, which states that operating casinos in the Swedish market without a license is illegal. 

But owning a casino license in Sweden is not an easy task. There are specific terms and conditions to be met to avail the license. If the casino owners do not comply with the terms, the gambling license can be denied. So, there are many casinos in Sweden which remain unlicensed. 

However, playing casinos without a Swedish license is a common trend among Swedes that are looking to have a good entertainment.  The Swedish government allows players to play in unlicensed casinos, but if any disputes arise, you cannot be able to get legal help. 


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Benefits of a casino without a license

The only cons of playing a casino without a Swedish license is – it’s not approved by the Swedish gambling authority. But the unlicensed casinos are approved by other countries or by foreign licensing authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority. Being licensed and approved by some authorities means that players can trust unlicensed casinos with their gaming needs. 

Aside from the licensing requirement from the Swedish government, unlicensed casinos come with more benefits.  And it includes – access to more games, attractive bonuses, rewards, and most importantly, all the payouts are tax-free. Moreover, the casinos without license offer trusted banking options, instant withdrawals, SSL encrypted websites, and user-friendly mobile applications. 


What makes unlicensed casinos more popular in Sweden? 

An increasing number of Swedish players are now considering gambling with unlicensed casinos because of the benefits it offers. According to the casino listing site several things make unlicensed casinos popular in Sweden. Below we have a few of the most common reasons.

Casinos without licenses are legal for Swedes

The most interesting thing about unlicensed casinos is that they are entirely legal for Swedes. This provides full freedom and flexibility for players to decide how and where to play casino games. 

Playing at unlicensed casinos allows Swedes to enjoy some tax benefits, i.e., they will not have to pay taxes on their winnings, and it is perfectly legal, as the casino site doesn’t follow the Swedish gambling rules. 

While choosing the casino site, check the licensing authority – as the sites are licensed by UKGC or Curacao will likely have taxes on the payouts, whereas Malta offers tax-free winnings. 

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Earn more bonuses and free spins 

Swedes prefer to choose casinos without licenses, as they will receive bonuses and free spins. As per the Swedish gambling authority, casinos licensed in Sweden are not allowed to provide anything apart from a welcome bonus to the gamblers. Players used to avail free spins, rewards, and incentives, while they keep on playing. So, if you want to enjoy more free spins, bonuses, cashbacks, Friday reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses, choosing a casino without a Swedish license will be a great choice. 

While searching for casinos, choose the one that provides VIP and loyalty programs, as it can provide you with even more bonuses and rewards. 


No slot restrictions 

Playing slots in a Swedish-licensed casino come with a delay of 3 seconds between the pulls, as per the gambling rule. The Swedish government has implemented this act because having 3 seconds delay between the pulls will slow down the gambling and make people think and decide, rather than just pressing the spin button again and again. 

This seems to be a wiser decision – but for gambling lovers, this 3 second delay between spins can be annoying. So, by playing slots in unlicensed casinos, you don’t face this issue. 

Access to more game options 

Gamblers always love to play a variety of games over time. They don’t want to stick with the same game to earn winnings. The casino with Swedish license has a limited addition of games on their websites – because they don’t have access to popular gaming providers. 

But, by opting casino without a Swedish license, players will get access to a wide range of games, including table games, live casinos, live dealers, table games, roulette, poker, etc. So, if you’re a professional gambler and always love to play more games and earn more winnings, then choosing unlicensed casinos will be a good option. 

Unlicensed casinos have licenses, but not Swedish license 

One of the most important things that every gambler needs to understand is – casinos without licenses means they just don’t have licenses in Sweden. Instead, they might have a license from Malta, Curacao, Estonian or the UKGC authorities. Unlike the Swedish gambling act, the rules of these foreign licensing authorities are laxer in deciding what is allowed and what is not in gambling.

Good things to know about casino without a license

Before playing at a casino that does not have a Swedish license it’s good to have some good basic information about these casinos.

What payment methods are available in casinos without a Swedish license?

Casinos without Swedish licenses offer various payment methods such as – Neteller, Skrill, Neosurf, Trustly, Interac, EcoPayz, Cash2Code, and other eWallet services. Few casino sites support crypto coins as payment, and they accept – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, being among the most used ones.

What is the minimum legal gambling age in casinos without a Swedish license?

All over the world, the minimum age required for gambling is 18. To register for an online casino website – be it for free or to be played with real money, you will need to be at least 18 years old. Anyone under 18 years is strictly prohibited from registering, depositing, or playing at any online casino. 

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Are non-Swedish casinos safe for Swedes?

Yes, casinos without a Swedish license are completely safe for all Swedish people & global players. Anyhow, we encourage players to research sites with good reviews and make sure to read the T&Cs before registering and creating an account. 

Do casinos without a Swedish license offer tax-free winnings?

Yes, some casino sites offer tax-free winnings. But this purely depends on the jurisdiction of the licensing authority. If the casino site is licensed by European authorities, there is no need to pay taxes upon your winnings. Or else, you may be subjected to 30% of your winnings. 

How to play an online casino without a Swedish license?

Are you Swedish national thinking about playing at an online casino without a Swedish license to enjoy tax-free winnings? Here are the few steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Find a casino without a Swedish license that accepts Swedish players. The easiest way to find the collection of unlicensed casino sites is to get help from casino review experts. They can provide you with a list of unlicensed casino sites available for Swedes. 

Step 2: Once you have chosen the casino site, you need to register your account and verify your identity. You need to create a complete profile by providing personal info such as your name, address, email, and phone number. This information will be used later to verify your identity while withdrawing your winnings, so make sure to provide valid information. 

Step 3: You are all set to start playing online casino games at unlicensed casinos that welcome Swedish players. Since these casinos come with many welcome bonuses and other rewards, we advise you to use whatever bonus you receive as it could add more value to your game and increase your chance of winning more with minimum investment. 

Consider choosing a casino without a Swedish license 

We hope that now you have a better understanding of the things to know about Swedish casinos without licenses and why they are becoming more popular among the Swedish people. 

Compared to casinos with licenses, unlicensed casinos offer more benefits for Swedish nationals. However, this doesn’t fit all. So, make sure to choose the casino site worth your time and money. While choosing the site, learn about the casinos and what they offer in games, bonuses, deposits, etc. Find the right platform to provide a safe online gambling experience that makes you take the most out of your winning. 

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